My work, jewellery and sculpture, is primarily concerned with the human figure and whilst my sculpture explores the difficulties of form and volume as expressed in large scale cast metal, carved wood and stone, my jewellery enables me to explore the different and equally complex relationships inherent in small scale pieces which can be worn on the body.

I have a deep and abiding love for small scale and enjoy the constant quest for precision, close inspection to detail and for careful workmansip. I love working in precious metals and using beautiful stones but will also use any materials which are at hand, such as found objects, wood, copper, brass, etc. Mauri


Mauri graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with an Associate Diploma of Fine Art in 1972 where he majored in Sculpture and began his unique forways into Jewellery and Metalwork.

To foster his blossoming talent in Gold and Silversmithing he returned to Seven Hills College of Art as a miscellaneous student in the late seventies and continued an Advanced Silversmithing course in 1984

His work in both sculpture and jewellery is creatively figurative. He uses a variety of media: wood, stone, cast bronze and stainless steel, cast iron, gold, silver, gems, laminated wood, found objects. In fact anything appropriate for the creative work in hand.

Mauri earns his living from his artistic talents. His major involvement with Sculpture Commissions has been with Ecclessiastical Art for churches of all denominations. many of these serene works have been carved from major blocks of wood with details in laminated coloured woods. e.g. light colour for a head, feet etc. and darker colour for drapery, glued together to form a composite whole.

These works, by their very nature, tend to be fairly conservative and somewhat restrictive. They range in scale from 40 cm to over 2 metres and can be seen various churches and institutions around Brisbane, Charters Towers, Townsville, Mackay and Rockhampton

Mauri uses his extensive creative ability in many ways. You will find him in his studio doing a wide variety of work: Scroll work, Carving Coats of Arms and carving furniture.

Mauri also sculpts in cast bronze and stainless steel and has exhibited in a variety of venues with both solo and group exhibitions, particularly with the Society of Sculptors Queensland of which he has been a member since 1974

One of his stainless steel sculptures has been acquired by the Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery.

Mauri's delicate jewellery incorporates gold and silver, precious stones and cast elements which have been previously modelled in wax. His latest works combine carved coloured wood with metal and precious stones.

His jewellery follows similar themes evident in his sculptural work and his exciting "Torso Series" are the direct result of forms obtained using sheet wax for drapery.

Mauri has been tutoring in Sculpture and Jewellery with the Queensland Arts Council Artlink Program for a number of years. This has involved travel mainly in Western Queensland, particularly Longreach and Barcaldine. Pupils travelled vast distances to attend these workshops, at a seven day Longreach workshop pupils came from as far away as Mareeba (Far Nth Qld), Townsville, Roma, and Tewantin.

Details of tuition and upcoming workshops can be viewed on the Worskhops page.

A comprehensive list of Exhibitions, Commissions and Tutoring experience is listed in Mauri's Curriculum Vitae.