"Nafanua" means hidden paradise in Samoan. Nafanua was actually a Samoan heroine and her exploits are the stuff of legend, but her name lives on and has given voice to many meanings.

I have endeavoured to create a haven here of hidden delights - a visual assault to the senses of vibrant colour, sudden surprises and a respite from the busy road. the elements of surprise are a salient feature of this garden and every turn brings a new discovery. The garden belies the mundane approach of the driveway entrance and presents the viewer with a choice of direction and entices you to wander ever forward.

My choice of the name "Nafanua" reflects my attempts to create my hidden tropical paradise and is an apt choice of name for the garden as the front entrance belies what lies beyond.

Mauri Maunsell

A participant in the ABC's Open garden Scheme in the past, I anticipate the garden will be open again in the future

My Studio Door
nestled in paradise